Iman Coccellato a bright graduate from the French Fashion Institute (IFM), who was trained at some of most reputable studios including Chloé, Jean Paul Gaultier and Lanvin. The brand takes inspiration from his cultural background: a burning Sicily, a charming Tunisia and a firm take on aesthetics ‘À la Française’.

Coccellato, a clothing architect, transforms women’s silhouettes into moving works of art. In his bustling studio, established in 2023, clothing is intended to be an organic extension of the woman. He sculpts the gestures of her daily life with confidence and devotion.The austere seams of the garments become sensual, adapting to the mood of those who wear them. As for the colors used, they play with contrast: the very dark enhances the bright colors. Iman’s unique craftsmanship is dedicated to serving women with a mission: to cherish and reveal their power while respecting the ever-evolving world they inhabit.

Coccellato, inspired by Women with a capital W, presents a timeless collection; the clothes are designed to withstand the test of time and generations.